1. Expect the most traffic and longest lines on Saturday.
  2. No visitor parking on the grounds.
  3. Eat early or bring a snack and eat later. The food lines are longest between 11am and 1pm.
  4. Wear layers of clothing and comfortable shoes.
  5. Bring sunscreen and maybe wear a hat.
  6. Bring a bag, wagon, or cart for your purchases.
  7. Bring cash or plan to use the ATM at the Gate #1 or the Palace concession stand in the middle of the track.
  8. Pets are welcome, but clean up after them and they must be on a leash.
  9. Lost and found is at the registration camper by the Gate #1.
  10. Information booth is at the registration camper by the Gate #1.
  11. Stay hydrated.
  12. You can purchase What Cheer Flea Market t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats at the Gate #1 entrance.
  13. Make sure when you visit the main concession (Thomas Hall), you put a pin on the map of where you live.
  14. You can find motels in Sigourney, Oskaloosa and at the intersection of Hwy 21 and Interstate 80.
  15. You can find camping at the Lake Belva Deer Park near Sigourney.
  16. Fliers of the upcoming flea market dates are available at the information camper by the Gate #1.
  17. Like and follow us on Facebook for current information and dates.
  18. We have 3 entry gates (Gate #1, Gate #2, and Gate #3) and we have parking lots outside of each gate.
  19. There are 4 concession stands plus the Popcorn shack and Funnel cake booth available for food. Breakfast, lunch and supper are all available on the grounds. The concessions start at 10:30am on Thursday.  The concessions will close on Sunday at 2pm.
  20. We allow golf carts and some other forms of transportation for people that are physically unable to get around the grounds on their own. We ask that you go slow and be careful.
  21. The hours of the market are 8am – 4pm Thursday, 7am -5pm Friday and Saturday, 7 am – 2pm Sunday.
  22. Admission is:
    1. $5 on Early Bird Thursday.
    2. $3 on Friday and Saturday.
    3. Sunday is FREE.
  23. If you leave a purchase with a vendor to be picked up later, be sure to get the vendor space number or the name and phone number.