1. You can mark your space with the aisle letter and space number, so it is easier for shoppers to find you.
  2. Be sure to check in upon arrival at the Gate #1, even if you have already paid.
  3. Get and use your parking passes, you can get more for your helpers.
  4. Please use the vendor parking area North of the track.
  5. The hours of the market are 8am – 4pm Thursday, 7am -5pm Friday and Saturday, 7 am – 2pm Sunday. We would appreciate if you were open during those hours.
  6. We have a drawing for two $100 bills on Sunday. To be eligible for the drawing you need to check in upon arrival and still be set up at 2pm on Sunday afternoon.
  7. Be courteous of your neighbors and watch for shoplifters.
  8. Please pick up flags and garbage before you leave.
  9. If you have a large vehicle and or camper, it is a good ideal to set up early.
  10. We have limited electricity. Please be courteous and we make no guarantees of electric availability.
  11. The boundaries of your space are the colored flags and the white flag only marks the space number.
  12. NO selling food, the local churches, schools and non-profit clubs sell the food in the concessions.
  13. It is a good ideal to pre register for the next show before you leave at the registration camper.
  14. If you want fliers to distribute at your other shows please let us know.
  15. Please like and follow us on Facebook at What Cheer Flea Market, and invite your friends and family to do the same.
  16. If you have registered and or paid and you are unable to come please let us know ASAP.
  17. If your space is not occupied by 7am Friday and you have not notified us that you are coming after that point we reserve the right to re-rent your space.